In order to begin the home loan process and use your VA loan, you must first prove VA loan eligibility. Those who have served in active duty in any branch of the military, or 6 years in the reserves or National Guard, may have VA loan eligibility. You must have received an honorable discharge if you’re no longer in the service or be on active duty if you’re still serving in the armed forces to have VA loan eligibility.

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What is a VA Loan?

The VA loan is a unique home loan program applicable to those who have served our country through the armed forces. You have given and sacrificed so much. This is one way to give back to you.
If you have served in any branch of active duty at any point in your life, you may be eligible for VA loan benefits. (Even if you’re non-active or retired military now.) Active personnel and reserves/National Guard service members may also be eligible for a VA loan. The VA loan benefit lasts your lifetime and may be used repeatedly as you buy and sell homes as your primary residence.

The VA loan program is distinctive in that it strives to offer many advantages to active and non-active military professional. Property is available for purchase at 100% financing – zero money down payment is required. Buyers also enjoy lower monthly housing payments since the VA loan requires NO private mortgage insurance (PMI) and typically have lower interest rates than conventional loans and FHA loans.

Who is eligible for a VA Loan?

  • You served in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard or Public Health Service

  • You served 181 days during peacetime (or as active personnel)

  • You served 90 days during war (Active Duty)

  • You served 6 years in the reserves or National Guard

  • You are a surviving spouse of a service member killed in the line of duty.

In addition to the above circumstances, below are a handful of other qualifications for VA loan eligibility:

  • You received an honorable discharge (if not currently on active duty) or a general discharge (under honorable conditions).

  • You served after September 16, 1940.

If any of the above circumstances apply to you, congratulations! You may be eligible for VA loan benefits. The next step is obtaining your Certificate of Eligibility (COE).

How do I apply for a VA Loan?

You’ll need your COE before you head down the VA loan trail. A COE shows that you have the required qualifications to apply for a VA loan. You can request a certificate yourself, or we can get your certificate for you through the ACE – Automated Certificate Eligibility system.

For retired and active veterans, reservists and National Guard members, this can be done in one of three ways:

  1. Apply online.  Go to the Veterans Information Portal ( and click on User Registration.  Click Here for user instructions for applying online.

  2. Call our VA loan specialist team NOW at (816) 268-4025.  In many cases, we can obtain a Certificate of Eligibility for you within in minutes.

  3. Apply by mail.  Use VA Form 26-1880.  Return it to the address shown on the form. If you can’t print the form, just call 1-888-244-6711 and follow the prompts for Eligibility.

You’ll need to provide the right paperwork, depending on your service time and arrangement. This could include DD214, Statement of Service, NGB22, NGB23, among others. If you opt for Option #2, we can help you attain all of the forms you need in no time.

We can help you get your DD214 Form! 

Most of our VA loan applicants are NOT currently serving in active military. If you are non-active military, you will need to prove your eligibility and service. For most of the service members we work with, they need a DD Form 214. This indicates to us that you have served in the armed forces, received honorable discharge and are qualified to use VA benefits.

There is little doubt that you have earned the benefits that you are entitled to. Let us help you work through the process and get you into a dream home. It brings us joy to put vets into loves that they love, and we want to work with you!

Apply for your DD Form 214 online or let us know and we can do it for you!